Monday, January 31, 2011

Ian Somerhalder On Young Americans [2000]

I absolutely can recall this TV series -- when I was so hooked up with Dawson's Crreek. I was waiting for the resume of the said show, when 'Young Americans' suddenly showed up --- but gladly that the story was agreeable and interesting. I now can remember, which was like 11 years ago, the guy with mickey-blue-eyes who mistakenly falling in-love with a guy. So, Hamilton Fleming really thought that he's gay for kissing a guy -- only to find out that the guy he knew is a girl!

Young Americans was an American television drama on The WB network created by Steven Antin. The show debuted in 2000 as a summer replacement for, and spin-off from, another Columbia TriStar Television production, Dawson’s Creek, in three episodes at the end of that series’ third season.

The show explores themes of forbidden love, morality and social classes.

Ian Somerhalder is Hamilton Fleming, a student at the school and the son of the dean. Hamilton finds himself confused by his attraction to Jake.

The show is set in the town of New Rawley at a tiny boarding school, Rawley Academy.

The plot focuses mainly on Will’s moral dilemmas and the forbidden love of Scout and Bella.

The characters Jake and Hamilton are explored in a storyline that until the last two episodes has very little to nothing to do with any of the other main characters.

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